CCS 2020

Spiritual Integrity

Academic Advancement

Family Investment

Financial Stability

CCS 2020

Long Term Plan and Initiatives


Cambridge Christian School is founded on the Word of God, and desire to be excellent in all that we do and say. In that spirit, starting the spring of 2014, a group of individuals formed what was called the CCS2020 Long Term Planning Steering Committee. Those individuals were comprised of Cambridge Faculty, Parents, Board of Trustees, and Staff. Here are those that sat on this Steering Committee:

  • Kevin Edmonson – Chair
  • Amy Rey
  • Allison McCoy
  • Greg Froelich
  • Herb Holk
  • Shawn Minks
  • Jonathan Valdez                                              
  • Bev Coney
  • Cindy Gerrard
  • Scott Meister
  • Jen Williams                                  


Spiritual Integrity

The subcommittee of CCS2020, over the initiative of Spiritual Integrity, acknowledges the tension between adding programs that aid in spiritual development and the work of the Holy Spirit in penetrating hearts and minds. An environment that promotes relationships and authenticity are foundational to spiritual formation and discipleship. Much of the activities planned should focus on small group Bible studies but should also include class retreats, chapels, and community outreach. With this as a foundation there needs to be a focus on the growth of all individuals spiritually on the Cambridge campus, not allowing any to fall through the cracks. In alignment with our mission statement, Cambridge Christian School should first and foremost seek to glorify God in all that we say and do. With that in mind, the following 4 sub-categories were established.

Church – Connected

It is vital, as a school founded on Kingdom Education, to be working closely with local churches. While CCS is a non-denominational school, our Statement of Faith is clear and should be adhered to. We believe that connecting with local churches will allow CCS to grow all stakeholders spiritually and give a sound partnership through which grow the body of Christ.

Biblical Worldview

At Cambridge Christian School all truth is founded on the Word of God. It is essential that we continue to grow all stakeholders in Biblical Truth and give each of them a foundation to confront the culture for Christ in a positive, loving manner. It is important that we have an intentional and deliberate plan to meet these needs in a fast and ever-changing culture.

Servant Leadership

As Christ demonstrated over and over again in scripture, we believe that demonstrating service and teaching others to serve is essential to the mission of our school. Our mission statement clearly uses the word serve and with that foundation, we believe developing opportunities for those attending CCS to serve is essential.


Our Mission as an outreach school is to represent Christ in all that we do and point all to a growing relationship with Jesus. It is important that we develop and grow our Core Values and Operating Principles to give a solid foundation for years to come. We must identify and develop a plan of the Gospel presentation through all areas of CCS.


Academic Advancement

The subcommittee of CCS2020, over the initiative of Academic Advancement, believes that CCS has a strong foundation of Academic Excellence. That foundation can crack when not given proper attention and pushed to grow and achieve greater levels of excellence. It is vital to see the academics at CCS reach new heights through constantly researching, adapting where appropriate to our mission, and identifying best practices for academic growth and achievement. With that in mind, the following 5 sub-categories were developed to see continual growth in the academics offered at CCS.

Curriculum and Instruction

The foundation of any educational institution begins with understanding the proper role of curriculum and instruction. Curriculum should be a living, vibrant resource that enhances and grows every student academically and intellectually. It is essential to constantly review and assess all resources used to make certain they are most appropriate with age level and industry competencies. The need to grow course offerings is essential, and this will be a focus of the CCS2020 plan.


The faculty at CCS is the greatest resource we have. Growing our faculty, ensuring proper resources are in their hands, and giving them the support to carry out daily instruction is essential. At CCS, we believe evaluations are essential and will focus on growing our faculty individually and collectively.


The student at Cambridge Christian School should be our primary focus. Education should be focused on their growth and individual needs. Through the CCS2020 plan, we will focus on the individual student needs and assess the greatest needs for growth.

21st Century Skills

The CCS2020 will use research to determine best educational practices. We will seek to implement strategies that grow and guide our institution into implementing proper 21st Century skills to prepare for future student growth.


Cambridge Christian School will focus on a 5 year plan to maintain and use accreditation as a tool for growth and long term planning.


Family Investment

Cambridge Christian School families have the potential of spending 15 years together to grow and fellowship. The objective of the Family Investment subcommittee of the CCS2020 Plan is to build a community where the Gospel and love of Christ are shared through fellowship, service, and education in order to impact the lives of our students and families above and beyond their time on campus. The culture that will grow out of these efforts will be unmatched by any competing school in the Tampa area, thus creating a bond with families that will strengthen recruitment and retention at Cambridge and ultimately yield support and generosity from alumni and their families. With that in mind, the following 2 sub-categories were developed to see continual growth in the Family Investment at Cambridge Christian School.


The desire at Cambridge Christian School is to partner with families to educate and equip them to face day to day challenges that families will face. Through connecting our families with a mentorship program that focuses on personal, spiritual, and family growth, we desire to see our families understand Kingdom principles in raising children. We will connect experienced families with new families and allow relationships to thrive and grow through the entire process called Cambridge Christian School.

Biblical Training

We will offer families more than an educational experience for their children. We will partner with local ministries to give sound Biblical training and grow families together and stronger. This will include a specific and deliberate plan to offer classes for parents and families that will strengthen and equip homes to address 21st century cultural issues. We believe this will grow our families to be more engaged and committed to the ministry of Cambridge Christian School.


Financial Stability

Through the implementation of the CCS2020 plan our desire is to see Cambridge Christian School continue to grow in Financial Stability and overall enrollment. Through the work done by the Financial Stability subcommittee, it is essential that time is spent on planning for future generations and growing our brand within the local Tampa community. Financial Stability should include a healthy resource for the rainy days but also a foundation to grow and encourage growth. With that in mind, the following 3 sub-categories were developed to see continual growth in Financial Stability at CCS.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving allows Cambridge Christian School to go above and beyond in addressing the needs and desires for our school. A focus must be placed on growing our current Annual Fund program and educating families on the specific needs and purposes of the Annual Fund. The CCS2020 plan allows for a focus to be placed on growing our school through added resources that allow us to meet the needs of all students and staff.


A healthy school builds on the foundation established by those who came before. In being future-focused we believe we will be able to establish programs and generate revenue funding that will grow the foundation laid before us. The creation of endowment and cash reserve funds is essential in positioning Cambridge reach more students and families with Kingdom Education.

Master Plan

The years ahead of Cambridge Christian School will require the development of a master plan open to God’s leading and direction. Whether it is securing our future on Habana or on multiple sites, master planning is essential to our overall success and growth. The Head of School and Board of Trustees will work closely together to seek God’s direction for CCS and to honor the foundation laid by those faithful servants who came before.