College Advising

“College admissions is a fit to be made, not a prize to be won.”

School Profile

Today’s college admissions environment is more competitive than ever before. There is no one “best” school for all students. Our goal is to work with each of our students to help them find colleges that are the best fit for them, academically, socially, and financially.

College advising at Cambridge Christian is an individualized and personalized program that formally starts in the 9th grade. All of our students and their parents have access to advising appointments at any time. We offer grade specific evening meetings, 9th through 12th grade, once per year. In addition, we strongly encourage parents of all juniors and seniors to sign up for individual family meetings at least once in the 11th grade and once in the 12th grade. Students and parents may schedule more than one appointment per year as needed.

College Preparation Timeline Grades 9-12

Grade 9

  • Work at adjusting to high school and do as well as you can in all your high school classes.
  • Participate in meaningful extracurricular activities where you can demonstrate leadership, commitment, and passion.
  • Consider meeting with your counselor to discuss your high schools and college goals.
  • Read as much as you can. Reading builds vocabulary and writing skills.


Grade 10

  • Take challenging classes and do well in them.
  • Take the PSAT in October.
  • Continue to participate in meaningful extracurricular activities and seek leadership roles in them.
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss the courses you will take in your junior year and the progress you are making toward your goals.
  • Read as much as you can outside of school.
  • Participate in summer enrichment programs in an area of academic, artistic or athletic interest.
  • Begin preparing for the SAT and ACT that you will take in your junior and senior years. Go to and for information on studying tips.

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Grade 11

  • Take a rigorous course load, including AP classes if you qualify. Students often consider this the most challenging academic year.
  • Meet with your parents and your counselor to discuss preparations for college application.
  • Plan to take the SAT and ACT and SAT Subject tests, when required by the colleges that interest you.
  • Research colleges.
  • Attend college fairs and high school visits by college representatives, tour colleges and universities that interest you.
  • Continue to participate in extracurricular activities and expand your role within those organizations.
  • READ!
  • Consider carefully how best to use your summer. Summer enrichment programs, camps and pre-college experiences are excellent ways to explore careers or colleges of interest.
  • Begin doing a scholarship search by visiting or


Grade 12

  • Continue taking a rigorous course load and doing well. Colleges are very interested in the courses you choose and how well you do in them.
  • Continue taking the SAT/ACT, if you need to.
  • Ask for help with your college essays and your resume.
  • Meet with your parents and your counselor to discuss your applications. Get all questions answered!
  • Submit all application materials before the deadlines. Send test scores directly from the testing agency.
  • Starting on October 1st, submit the FAFSA ( to apply for financial aid.
  • Actively look for scholarships by checking with your counselor and registering with a scholarship search engine such as or
  • Revisit colleges if you need help making a final decision.
  • Send in enrollment confirmation for the college of your choice by May 1.