Performing for an audience of One…

Colossians 3:33

The Drama program at Cambridge Christian School offers classes for Middle and High School students. It is our belief at Cambridge Christian that each talent we have, whether academic, athletic or artistic, is a gift from God. As good stewards, it is our responsibility to multiply these gifts and to use them to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Drama classes at Cambridge enable and equip our students to achieve that goal.

Middle School students can select the Drama Elective and be introduced to the basic principles of the art, including teamwork, body and movement, spontaneity, give and take, and character development. Each quarter, in addition to practicing in class, the students have the opportunity to present an evangelical drama in Middle School chapel. This exposure enables students to make a more informed decision regarding their high school course work and artistic direction.

In High School, through improvisation, vignettes and intense study, our students strengthen their acting muscles and deepen their understanding of performing for “an audience of One”. Drama is regularly used in High School chapel for sermon support, evangelizing and glorifying God. Students are encouraged to focus on their spiritual and artistic development as they prepare to meet the challenges of the secular world of the arts.

Each fall a full-length evangelical drama is presented with the objective of sharing the Gospel and changing lives. In the future, we also anticipate local outreach and a mission trip. We are looking forward to what God has planned for the talented actors at Cambridge Christian School.