Athletic Philosophy

The Cambridge Christian athletics program is an integral part of the total educational process for our student-athletes.  The Biblical values such as discipline, Godliness, and humility that are so much a part of our school are put into practice on the fields and courts on which we compete.


We strive to keep our mission first and foremost in everything we do:

The Cambridge Christian School Athletic Department’s chief end is to glorify Christ in every aspect of our athletic endeavors while using the platform of athletics to:

-Teach the Principles of Winning

-Exemplify Christian Morals and Values in our Community

-Achieve Maximum Physical, Moral and Spiritual Character Development

-Mentor Young Men and Women to a Deeper Walk with Jesus


It is our desire to provide our student-athletes with multiple opportunities to represent their school in competition.  Our commitment to athletics is reflected in our diverse offerings (42 teams spread across the MS, JV, & Varsity levels), widespread participation (over 80 percent of our students grades 7-12 participate in at least one sport each year), and level of success in competition.


Student-athletes are supported by a strong group of athletic professionals that includes close to 50 coaches with varied experience on the high school, collegiate and professional levels, a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer, and direct access to doctors at the Florida Orthopedic Institute.  We have also recently added a strength and speed program to help our varsity athletes progress towards their full athletic potential.


One of our goals is to help our student-athletes become leaders both on and off of the field.  With that in mind, each of our teams focuses on leadership and discipleship.  To supplement what our coaches and teams are already doing, we are also introducing a new program called “Captains Club.”  Once a week, all captains from that season’s teams will get together and be led through a leadership training program to enhance their ability to lead their peers.


It is our desire to have a “ONE TEAM” athletic program at CCS.   We plan to integrate our intramural, middle school and varsity sports programs.

Intramurals: It begins with our youngest athletes in intramurals.  Our varsity coaches provide the Intramural Director with several skills and sport specific drills to have the students work on while in intramural sports.  Varsity coaches, MS coaches, and varsity athletes routinely volunteer to instruct in the intramural program as well.

Middle School: Our desire is to utilize our middle school athletic teams to teach the basic concepts of competitive athletics. Middle school (MS) athletics will be a combination of participation, basic skill development, and basic knowledge of rules, sportsmanship, and the development of an understanding of working in a team environment. In MS, coaches will run similar systems to varsity and will use similar terminology.  Varsity coaches meet with MS coaches to discuss player and team progression as well as any other details that need to be covered.

Varsity: Our goal on the varsity level is to compete at the very highest level possible without compromising our values as a Christian school. The varsity level requires the greatest commitment, self-discipline and work ethic. At this level, our student-athletes are expected to train under our coaching staff pre-season, post-season and in-season. Varsity sports will make a concerted effort to spend time with the MS and intramural programs, including: assisting in occasional practices, leading devotions, and creating bonding opportunities.

There are so many more great things happening in Lancer athletics.  The best way to know what is going on is to come out and see it first-hand.  I encourage you to come out to any of our athletic events to see what Lancer athletics is all about.