Distinctively CCS

God has established Cambridge Christian School for the purpose of impacting lives for eternity through a biblically-based and Christ-centered education. CCS is an evangelistic school that seeks to reach the surrounding community with the gospel of Christ. The vision and mission statement articulates the purpose behind the school’s existence. When coupled with six core values and a series of operating principles, the mission statement provides Cambridge Christian School with an operating constitution that will guide all of its policies, procedures, and practices. In addition, a complete explanation of what a Kingdom educator is and other founding information completes CCS’s constitution. This constitution will be the cornerstone for guiding CCS for its future.

Vision Statement

To develop defenders of the faith in partnership with parents so generations will know God, obey His Word, and serve Him.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cambridge Christian School is to glorify God in all that we do; to demonstrate excellence at every level of academic, athletic, and artistic involvement; to develop strength of character; and to serve the local and global community.

Core Values

In order to fulfill the vision and mission of Cambridge Christian School the following core
values will be given the utmost priority. Each core value has operating principles that will allow CCS to put these core values into everyday practice throughout the entire educational program.

Church Connected

Christ-like Character

Parent Partnership

Educational Excellence

Service Before Self

Biblical Worldview