Core Values and Operating Principles

Core Value #1 – Church-Connected

The church has been and always will be the instrument to fulfill God’s purposes here on earth.

The church is the expression of God’s kingdom to the world. Acts 2:41-47

  • CCS will expect all board members, administration, faculty and staff to be active members in a Bible-believing church.
  • CCS will encourage all parents and their families to be active members of a Bible-believing church.
  • CCS will have as one of its primary goals to beautify and strengthen the church.
  • CCS will seek to partner with area churches to make Kingdom Education available for all in the community.

Core Value #2 – Christ-Like Character

The demonstration of Christ-Like Character is to live a complete life as Christ would live. Colossians 3

  • CCS will train and encourage students and families to apply the qualities of Christ in their own lives.
  • CCS will employ staff whose actions and attitudes model Christ.
  • CCS will equip students to communicate their faith to others.
  • CCS will develop discipline and behavior standards within biblical principles that lead to Christ-like behavior in the students’ lives.

Core Value #3 – Parent Partnership

The family is a God-ordained institution for training future generations to know, grow, and go for Jesus Christ. Psalm 78:1-8

  • CCS will provide training and resources to assist parents in building a Christian home.
  • CCS will provide Kingdom Education that is accessible to all families who desire it.
  • CCS will partner with families to develop policies and procedures that will be a win-win for family and school.
  • CCS will assist families in the development of discipleship in the home.

Core Value #4 – Educational Excellence

A quality education is centered on biblical principles. It seeks to challenge students to reach their full potential for which God has designed them. The education should be one that provides Godly wisdom to be used for generations to come impacting homes, churches, and communities for Christ. II Timothy 2:15

  • CCS will develop an educational program based on the truths of God’s Word.
  • CCS will employ and train teachers who model Godly wisdom and Christian virtues and cultivate those virtues in the lives of their students.
  • CCS will use curriculum and methods in the classroom that reflect the truth of God’s Word and prepare students for a life of service in Christ.
  • CCS will challenge students to develop a biblical worldview so they can intellectually engage the culture for Christ.
  • CCS will provide a safe learning environment where students are actively engaged and participate in their learning.
  • CCS will meet educational standards that are set forth by accreditation agencies.
  • CCS will provide an education with goals and expectations so that students can achieve success that is measurable and clearly communicated.

Core Value #5 – Service Before Self

To develop as a leader, one must first learn to serve. Matthew 20:26-28

  • CCS will train students to follow Christ’s example of leadership through servanthood.
  • CCS will involve students in activities which teach the value of service before self.
  • CCS will train students to identify their spiritual gifts and use them to glorify God through service in their local school, church, and community.

Core Value #6 – Biblical Worldview

All truth begins and ends with scripture and will be the foundation for all worldview development that occurs on the campus of CCS. Romans 12:2

  • CCS will govern itself according to biblical principles.
  • CCS will integrate the Bible into every aspect of the school’s life.
  • CCS will implement a spiritual development plan for board members, staff, students, and parents.
  • CCS will create and use a Bible curriculum that teaches sound doctrine and equips students to defend their faith.