From our parents of lifers to our families being a part of Cambridge for the first time, you are bound to have heard about our education philosophy referred to as “Kingdom Education” and the ten principles that support it.  While all the principles are important, I’d like to focus on one principle that relates to the role of parents.

To some this principle may come as a surprise, especially hearing this from a school administrator, but the education of children is the primary responsibility of the PARENTS.  Scripture supports this in many areas (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalm 127:3, and Proverbs 22:6). It is clear that God assigned the training of children to the parents.  If you do the math… of the 157,680 hours that children are with us from age zero to eighteen, on average only 16,000 hours are spent in school and 2,500 are spent in church!  Too many of us as parents fail to realize or remember that our children are given to us as “homework assignments” from God Himself, and, even though God won’t be coming to our houses and checking on us regularly, one day He will hold us accountable!

We understand that parents do need support in educating your child.  As educators at a Christian school, our role is to come alongside you and support you in this journey.  Parents must be certain to choose a school that will reinforce the same biblical beliefs and values that they want instilled in their children’s hearts and minds.  As a school we will never forget our supportive role to the Christian home and do not take this role lightly.  If you read in Psalm 78, God tells us the consequences when the education of children is not carried out consistently in all aspects of life.  At Cambridge, all faculty and staff share the same biblical beliefs and values as well as the principles of Kingdom Education which can be found in your parent/student handbooks and/or a copy of Glen Schultz’s book, Kingdom Education.