Suggested Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:22-23, 4:15-16, 5:22-27

Devotional Thoughts:
If you’ve already looked at the verses from Ephesians listed above, flip back to the first chapter once again and consider a portion of Paul’s prayer as he presents this letter to his Christian brothers and sisters. In 1:18-19 Paul prays that the eyes of their hearts would be opened to see all the wonderful blessings of God’s grace to them. And the most glorious of all of the Father’s gifts is His own Son, Jesus. And, as you’ve already read, this letter portrays Christ as none other than our Head.

Keep in mind, Jesus isn’t the Head of the Church (the Christian family of believers) because He was elected to the position. Some group of early followers of Jesus or some council of church elders didn’t conduct a poll or get together for a business meeting to settle the decision and then suggest to all the rest of us that it would be fitting that we start thinking of Jesus in this way. No. Paul, led by the Holy Spirit, clearly states that Jesus IS the Head of the Church – regardless of what anyone else thinks or chooses. Christ’s status is an eternal reality that nothing we say or do will ever alter.

So, in light of the declaration that Jesus IS the Head of the Church, what do these verses reveal that He expects of us, the members of that Church?
– 1:22-23 is the clear announcement of Jesus’ absolute rulership. We should obviously RECOGNIZE that this is so. All other authorities rank lower than Him.
– 4:15-16 is the call to all members of the family of Jesus to GROW UP’ that is, to work faithfully, day by day, at becoming more like the one who is our Head.
– 5:22-27 is the reminder that this Head will never abuse or neglect us. He has sacrificially given Himself for us. So, choosing to lovingly OBEY (submit to) Him is not a demeaning thing. Instead, we can see surrendering to Jesus as something glorious and fulfilling.

Lastly, it’s probably a good thing to point out the obvious. Without a Head, what would happen to the Body? There’d be no seeing or hearing or thinking or’.being! A body can function without a lot of other parts, but NOT without the Head! So, be thankful, be respectful, be mindful’the Head of the Church is Jesus.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think Paul felt it was important to pray that the (spiritual) eyes of the readers of his letter would be opened/enlightened?
2. What are some possible responses (negative and positive) to the reality of Christ being the Head of us as his followers?
3. If we were to make a list of some ways our family could become more like Jesus (Eph. 4:15-16) what would be on it?

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