Congratulations to senior Ben Gibbs for being named a Joshua Expeditions Outstanding SBACS Scholar Semifinalist in the 2019 Scholarship Program.

SBACS and Joshua Expeditions help member schools recognize and reward students’ excellence by providing national recognition, cash scholarships, matching college grants and other benefits. Participating Christian colleges and universities receive lists of students who are excellent prospects for admissions and develop relationships with member high schools.

“The purpose of the Joshua Expeditions Outstanding SBACS Scholars Contest and the John R. Chandler Outstanding SBACS Musicians Contest is to discover and recognize students in our schools across the nation with exemplary expertise and accomplishments in scholastics or music, Christian character and service to others. The extraordinary level of achievement, character and leadership evidenced by this year’s participants demonstrates that our schools are producing outstanding results, young men and women of excellence who will be the salt and light that the Lord Jesus Christ expects and requires to lead his Kingdom.”