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While many schools claim to offer a college preparatory education, we feel it is important to provide students with a “life preparatory” experience. Life preparation speaks of a strong foundation for students to flourish, where a Biblical Worldview cannot be undervalued.  A strong academic curriculum is important, but research indicates that the success of a graduate is assisted by a strong spiritual foundation. Preparing for college is important; preparing for life is essential. The development of a well-rounded student is Cambridge’s mission and the ministry to which we commit ourselves each and every day.

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Andrew Watson – National Merit Finalist

Cambridge Christian senior Andrew Watson has earned a spot as a National Merit Semifinalist. He is one of the highest-scoring entrants in the state of Florida.

Tech Club Brings Minecraft to Life

The CCS Upper School Technology Club hosted an after-school Fun Technology event for the Lower School Students. The Fun Technology event was a learn-by-doing environment where the goal was to not only introduce the students to fundamental computer science but also to...


General Overview The STEM Program and STEM Diploma offerings at CCS were developed to provide the CCS student interested in pursuing STEM at the college or career level with a high quality, rigorous, and academically challenging learning environment. Depending on the...

CCS STEM SQUAD Competes Nationally

Students compete in the Lexus Eco Challenge, a national contest that encourages middle and high school students to develop and implement environmental programs that positively impact their communities.


What If?

Change, and talk of change, always breeds worry for some. We want to hear vision. We want to know where things are headed, particularly as it involves us or our loved ones. Still, we worry that vision-borne change may interfere with certain comforts or climates we...

Never Lose Sight of the Why

Thank you to so many for attending our gala on Saturday evening. It was a memorable event that served as a great reminder of the legacy of CCS and a glimpse of things to come. If you were unable to attend, we missed you! In my latest blog, I have posted a transcript...

In a World with No Christian Schools…

I still hold that the most biblical way to educate your children is to homeschool. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources or training to do this, much less do it well. Christian schools are the next best alternative. Christian schools are not universally...

What Lens Are You Using?

I used to work in a Christian school in the Bible belt. It was a Christian school where the admissions policy required at least one parent from every incoming family to be a Christian. In the Atlanta area, that policy can be enforced with ease, as seemingly everyone...