Cambridge Christian School

6101 North Habana Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614

phone: (813) 872-6744 | fax: (813) 874-8130

Head of School Offices
Head of School Mr. Shawn Minks ext 248
Executive Assistant to the Head of School Mrs. Pam Ruiz-Cameron ext 248
Business Offices
Business Administrator Mrs. Liana Turk ext 248
Bookkeeper, AR Supervisor, Tuition Assistance Mrs. Ivonne Snow ext 266
Accounts Payable Mrs. Renee Panatex
Accounts Receivable ext 270
Human Resource Mrs. Dana Hartley ext 258
Director of Admissions Mrs. Lisa Abbazia ext 228
Assistant Director Mrs. Rolanda Sirmons ext 285
School Receptionist Ms. Veronica Maldonado ext 221
After Hours School Receptionist Mrs. Kimberly Dostal ext 221
Athletic Director Mr. Mark Butler ext 290
Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Kevin Hickinbotham ext 289
Director of Advancement
Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Ms. Elizabeth Myers ext 245
Director of Marketing & Communications Ms. Marty Hillier ext 271
Information Technology Mr. Grant Stone ext 268
Food Services
Food Services Manager Mr. Frank Ancrile ext 235
Director of Operations Mr. Rick Shears ext 226
Operations Supervisor Mr. Russell Dostal ext 223
Administrative Assistant Ms. Veronica Maldonado ext 221
Lower School Offices
Principal Mr. Tracy Moss ext 247
Assistant Principal/Director of Early Childhood Mrs. Cara Lile ext 247
Director of Education Services Mrs. Carol Minks ext 247
Administrative Assistant to Principal/Asst Principal/Director of Early Childhood Mrs. Paz Leiton ext 247
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Sandy Diaz ext 251
Attendance Report Line ext 251
Extended Day Supervisor Mrs. Kathy Harrison ext 241
Little Lambs Supervisor Mrs. Marines Villaviccenio ext 292
Print Media Mr. John Peter ext 246
Upper School Offices
Principal Dr. Austin Temperley ext 233
Assistant Principal/Director of Institutional Technology Mr. Nathan Stark ext 232
Administrative Assistant to Upper School Principal Mrs. Melissa Merchant ext 233
Uppers School Receptionist Mrs. Rhonda Valido ext 230
Director of Guidance and College Placement Mrs. Melody Shiver ext 272
Registrar Mrs. Judy Watson ext 282
Fine Arts – Band Dr. Hubert Toney, Jr.  ext 265
Fine Arts – Choir Mrs. Melissa Rawls ext 239
Fine Arts Coordinator Mrs. Anne Burdge ext 267
Library Mr. Dave Watson ext 262
PE Office Mrs. Jenni Layman ext 278