J-Term @ CCS

Our Lancer Life Experience

At CCS we understand the social challenges students face today, which is why we encourage our students to get involved. Annual events, traditions, class trips, clubs & organizations and J-Term week are all designed to positively engage students.

High School J-Term

The first week of January our students take time to explore their passions. Students are able to participate in either internships, courses on campus, or travel. On-campus course selection varies and includes topics that are single focused, hands-on, and non-traditional in nature. Internships are great opportunities for students to discover and become familiar with careers of interest. Missionary and educational trips travel both abroad and domestically offering our students global and national opportunities to serve and grow.

Middle School J-Term

J-term happens the first week of January for all middle school students. The J-term experience for middle school students varies by grade level. The eighth-grade class goes to Washington D.C. to explore the rich history of our great nation. This trip aligns our middle school social science curriculum as students have the opportunity to experience and explore both the civics and history of the United States.

The focus of all J-term experiences for seventh grade is missions and service. The seventh-grade students explore their passions through on-campus courses and day trips all focused on service. The on-campus courses vary and are designed to both expose students to career options and to spark curiosity in different fields of studies.