High School

9th – 12th Grade

Course Description Guide 17-18

The High School program at Cambridge Christian School is designed to polish students’ skills and empower them to be autonomous learners.  Enhancing the curriculum are eleven Advanced Placement courses available in math, science, history, English, and Spanish. With 100% college acceptance among its graduates as the long-established standard, the High School academic program offers students a premier college-preparatory education. The highest standards have been upheld in the selection of administration and faculty, as well as in the established scholarly atmosphere of Cambridge Christian School. Even beyond a challenging academic environment are faculty members who model a Christian lifestyle and bring a Christian worldview to the subjects they teach.


The Cambridge Christian High School experience gives students four meaningful years during which lifetime friendships are formed and foundational Christian values are anchored.  The academic program is college preparatory, and students have a variety of opportunities to develop, strengthen, and apply talents and skills in athletics and fine arts. There is a significant place in campus life for every Cambridge Christian School student. The highest standards have been upheld in the selection of administration, faculty, and staff.  A nurturing atmosphere and an ideal student-to-teacher ratio combine with a rigorous academic agenda to provide a program of excellence. Faculty members model Christian lifestyles while bringing to the educational experience a variety of ethnic cultures, God-given talents, life and career achievements, and dedication to helping students succeed.