Let us partner with your family.


At Cambridge Christian School, we work to make the admissions process helpful for families that are making the vital decision of where best to educate their children. Our commitment is to partner with our families for the good of their children and the glory of God.  At Cambridge Christian School, we value the following:

College Preparation: Parents ask us to partner with them for the excellent education of their children.  At Cambridge Christian School you will find gifted faculty, challenging curriculum, strong AP courses, a wide array of enrichment activities, and many other features necessary for effective college preparation.  You will also find teachers and a school community committed to helping your child grow into the full potential of God’s created design for him or her.  To us, that is the finest and most important objective we could seek for each of our students.  We find pursuing God’s ideal is what best prepares a child for college, career, and for making a difference in the world.

Christ-Centered: The cultivation of a Christ-centered worldview is the vital core for educating a child according to God’s design.  Through this, students are prepared to know faith and to live it.  They learn through minds and hearts to walk closely with God, knowing the Bible and knowing its Author.

Comprehensive: Our model for education also includes an awareness of how much activities outside the classroom mean for a child’s learning and growth.  We have a comprehensive program for younger grades through high school including athletics and artistic activities.  For Lower School, offerings run from chess to karate to intramurals in basketball and soccer.  For Upper School, we offer a wide variety of men’s and women’s sports.  In several sports, our competitive offerings begin at the middle school grades, including football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Community: The first three “C’s” mentioned are necessary dimensions of the education we offer here at Cambridge Christian School.  This fourth one is the context in which we offer all of that and more.  We teach through relationship and experience the growth and nurture of an excellent, Christ-centered education in God’s gift of a wonderful community.  Our parents, teachers, students and others learn and grow together in an experience of real connection and mutual support.

We pray that this community and this experience of excellent, comprehensive, Christ-centered education may be just the right match for you as well.