Middle School

7th & 8th Grade

Cambridge Christian School continues its program of academic excellence in the Middle School where students are called upon to utilize their study skills at a higher level. Personal accountability is a key facet of the learning process in the Middle School, and students are expected to take increased responsibility for their own learning through independent research projects.  The goal of the Middle School is to promote, facilitate, encourage and reward independent thinking and produce students who eagerly meet the academic challenges placed before them while also encouraging their ability to work together with peers on an academic level.


Cambridge Christian School recognizes the unique characteristics that generally describe students in the middle school years.  These are students who are at times more certain of their future career plans than some high school seniors and at other times inclined to minimize academic endeavors and opt for a light-hearted approach to everything.  The most important realization for a school is that these students have an enormous amount of energy which, when guided and inspired, can make for a meaningful and challenging school experience and lead effectively into the high school years.  The Middle School focus is on excellence at every level, as students explore an expanding curriculum, including the opportunity for the first time in their school careers to choose elective courses.  The total program encourages the development of the character of the student, promotes a commitment to service above self, and strives to bring glory to God in all that is done.

Seventh Grade Science Bridge Building Unit

Our middle school bridge building unit allows students to work for an extended period of time in small groups to creatively think and utilize both problem solving and interpersonal skills as they work through a series of challenging, real world tasks leading up to the culmination of the final project.  The final project is the design and construction of a bridge that will withstand at least 100 pounds of force.  Adding to the difficulty of this project is a set of numerous constraints, such as maximum and minimum height, length, and width.  When you also consider the fact that the only materials allowed to be used in construction are glue and ¼” balsa wood, the final goal of 100 pounds of pressure takes on an increased significance!