Middle School

Athletics at Cambridge Christian School is an extension of the classroom.  It is our desire to use the vehicle of athletic competition to teach the fundamentals of Christian character, sportsmanship, and athletic skills.  Below is the CCS middle school athletic philosophy:

Competitive Teaching – Our desire is to utilize our middle school athletic teams to teach the basic concepts of competitive athletics. Middle school athletics will be a combination of participation, basic skill development, knowledge of rules, sportsmanship, and the development of an understanding of working in a team environment. Our desire is to use our middle school teams as a feeder system for our varsity teams. With this being said, middle school student-athletes are held to the same standards of discipline, behavior, commitment and academics as varsity student-athletes.  Whenever possible, cutting will be avoided on middle school sports teams. However, some sports are limited to a manageable number of team members. The athletic director will have final say on limiting the number of spots available on each team.