Welcome to academia at Cambridge Christian School!  Excellence is an overused word in education, but as reflected in our mission statement, excellence in all things is the standard to which we aspire.  Specifically, the excellence of Christ comes to mind.  We do not subscribe to the idea that Christian schools have to offer an inferior product because they are ministries.  Rather, we desire to reflect the excellence of Christ in all things.  Our goal is to offer an education second to none, and to do it all through the lens of a Biblical worldview.  Our curriculum and methods will be current, and students will receive a 21st Century education that prepares them for a digital and global economy and directs them to pursue their God-ordained place in it.

CCS is a college preparatory Christian School.  Our students consistently score well above state and national averages on standardized achievement tests.  However, being college preparatory is only our baseline.  Beyond the college preparatory classroom, high achieving students in our lower school are offered enrichment programs like the CHAT Room and the Think Tank.  These programs ensure that all students at CCS will be challenged to think, create, and reach their fullest potential.  Our upper school offers honors and Advanced Placement classes to high achieving students, many of whom earn significant college credit during high school.  More importantly, they are well prepared for the college or university of their choice.  While our staff is continually encouraged to see students excel academically, our greatest triumph is embodied in the students that graduate knowing Christ and pursuing His call on their lives – those that embrace their role in full-time ministry, whether it be in the court room, the mission field, or the doctor’s office.  We do not have to dream about our alumni impacting the world.  It is already happening!

CCS is blessed with incredibly gifted and passionate teachers and administration that model life for our students, love our students and desire to know our students beyond the classroom.  We value relationships.  At CCS, you will encounter an environment where rigorous academics and high achievement are valued, but where a balance is created by intentional relationships between staff, parents and students.  As a parent, this partnership, that also includes the church, positions my children, my wife and me for great success as God as defines it.  I praise Him for the blessing that Cambridge Christian School is to my family!  If you are considering CCS, I would encourage you to begin by having your child shadow for a day so you can hear first-hand about the Lancer experience.