Cambridge Christian School was honored to have Governor Ron DeSantis visit us today! During his visit he signed multiple bills including a bill to protect freedom of speech, including prayer, on PA systems before state championship games. We are thankful that he shared his time with us today and thankful for the time given to our Head of School Shawn Minks.

Our Head of School, Shawn Minks delivered the following remarks during the Governor’s visit to Cambridge:

On behalf of the students, staff, teachers, and School Board, I am pleased to welcome Governor DeSantis to Cambridge Christian School.  We are grateful for his leadership of this state.

Cambridge partners with parents and the church to minister to students and families by sharing the message of Jesus Christ and the Bible. We are focused on providing our families with a rigorous educational experience that also allows the student to grow their talents in the arts and athletics. Serving students from one-year-old through twelfth grade allows Cambridge to partner with families, literally from infancy to diploma. 

Partnership with families should be the goal of every school.  Today, Governor DeSantis makes the families of the State of Florida an equal partner in education.  When families are partners in education, and the values they hold are prioritized, students excel.  

From the beginning, now 60 years ago, Cambridge has sought to raise up future leaders who academically, socially, and spiritually serve the local and global community for Christ.  Seven years ago, that commitment came under question in a request to pray over the loudspeaker of a football game.  By banning a pre-game prayer over the loudspeaker, the FHSAA sent a message to our students that prayer is inappropriate to lead publicly in large forums.

Today, the State of Florida teaches a different lesson, one that supports free speech and respects the religious freedom of students across the state.  After today, schools will be allowed to make opening remarks before state championship games, supporting important principles of free speech that have made this nation great.

I don’t know what other schools or students will say during those opening remarks—that’s up to them.  But, I do know that the next time Cambridge Christian returns to play for a state championship, and we will return, we will pray over the loudspeaker before kickoff.

For that, we thank the Florida Legislature and the leadership of Governor DeSantis. Thank you.