A leader is commonly defined as someone who leads a group or organization.  Some define a leader as an influencer. They see leadership as an art form, the art of motivating and inspiring others towards a common goal or idea. Today we see the power that “influencers” have in our society. Being an influencer is now a lucrative career choice for many.  At CCS, we are committed to developing leaders for Christ, leaders that glorify Christ in how they lead and influence others. Our desire is to cultivate the leadership potential in every student. We realize that there are different types of leaders. Some lead quietly and others lead with more tenacity. Each of our students have the potential to be an influencer and leader.

So, what does it look like when someone is leading? What are the characteristics that define leadership? Do Generation Z students perceive leadership differently than previous generations? Their definition of a good leader would include characteristics like authentic, generous, and empathetic. They value a leader that has a “team approach” and are action/cause driven.  I recently asked a few of our students how they would define leadership and this is how they responded…

  • Someone who inspires or influences others to make certain decisions
  • Doing the right thing when no one is watching
  • Someone who is able to lead while also doing the work
  • Someone who provides direction and takes charge when needed
  • Someone who is willing to take a stand
  • Someone whose character shows how to live out God’s Word

Our young leaders desire to make a difference and they believe they can. I also learned from my conversations with students they truly admire a leader that is transparent. They want to see leaders live out what they say and believe. This is a challenge for us as a school community for students are listening and watching to see if we are the real deal.  Unfortunately, we will disappoint them at times, but we can point them towards the one leader that will never fail us. Jesus provides us with the best example of what leadership should represent and His example transcends all generations.  Jesus led with a team approach and exemplified every description that defines an excellent leader.  The best leadership training we can equip our youth with is to point them to Christ. As they lean on Him and grow in faith, they will become world changers by pursuing the heart of God, influencing others through their godly example.