The following is an actual letter from CCS graduate Nathanael Bustamante ’16, to his beloved Bible teacher, Mr. Brad Grabill. This letter came to us a couple of months into his freshman year of college. Nathanael was awarded the Golden Lancer for his class. This is an award given at graduation to two students per class that epitomize the goals and ideals for our students’ spiritual formation.

There is no better marketing campaign than a student’s testimony. We thank Nathanael for allowing us to share his heart with you!

Dear Mr. G,

College is hard. Waking up at a school of 50,000+ people is no easy task to handle, but I whole-heartedly believe that I am more than capable to stay grounded in my faith and remain rooted in my beliefs thanks to your class. There were many days at Cambridge Christian when I went through the motions and didn’t fully understand the impact that a 6th period Bible class would have on the daily life of a college student. At UF it’s really hard to be a Christian. Everyone wants you to be all-inclusive and make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but life isn’t always warm and fuzzy. Even going to “Christian” functions means pressures that are new to me. I realize that this is life and the morals of our culture are wishy-washy and worn, but I can sit here and say that I am ready. I’m prepared for the awkward questions about that Cambridge Christian T-shirt, or why you pray before you eat, or why you don’t drink or have fun. I’m not in the safe bubble of high school anymore. You showed me wisdom and honesty that I never truly understood until now, and you did this without seeking personal gain but solely to point us to our Creator. I have a large deal of respect for how you spoke into my life and believed in me when no one ever did (myself included). So I cling to the Matthew 22 card in my wallet and pray that one day I can be the example you were to someone else. So thank you for speaking love and truth into my life when I needed it most.