The Power of One

Earlier this month, I wrote that Cambridge Christian School is led by one man, and that man is Jesus Christ (also the one true God). The power of “one” has been clear with recent world events, but it is certainly nothing new. Plenty of Biblical support exists to suggest its significance: The Trinity as three in one, the creation of one man and one woman, and the promise of one Savior – the Lord, Jesus Christ. Fast forward to 2017, and we witness the power of one all around us. We listen to the desire of many world leaders to come together as one global society (as prophesied in Scripture). We experience the immediate impact (whether you view it positively or negatively) of one new President of the most powerful nation in the world.

Remember watching the futuristic Facetime “app” on the Jetson’s cartoon? Those in Generation Z will always view the advent of Facetime and similar apps as something that happened in the past. As far as they are concerned, we have always been able to see a face while engaged in a digital conversation. 9/11 is something our little ones will only read about (many will choose instead to watch videos). Very quickly, our generation is becoming historical. Generation Z is learning about the power of one. They already know about isolation because they observe it in us. They watch us disappear into our phones, and they do the same as soon as they have access. Many argue that seclusion will not be harmful in the long term – that it actually suits the wave of entrepreneurialism that is forecasted for the workforce of the next generation. Perhaps for some, that will be true. However, it is critical that we demonstrate for them the power of one in a different way’

While God often accomplishes His purpose through individuals, we, as children of God (if you know Christ), were not created to live in isolation. We were created for relationship – first with Him, then with others. The greatest strength is found in one family’ one team. That is ONE at Cambridge, or, at least, it is the ONE we are pursuing: one body of people with a common bond in Christ seeking the fulfillment of one purpose: preparing and equipping our children to seek and serve God in whatever capacity they are called. Kingdom Education (the Biblical model for education) prescribes that the school, home, and church partner together in this purpose. That is our desire. It is like any partnership; it won’t be perfect. We all enter the experience understanding and expecting moments where we will need to give a little extra, as all parties in the agreement are fallible. Still, with Christ at the center, we stand assured that He will honor His promises. May He continue to bless our partnership as we continue to seek His will together.