The CCS Upper School Technology Club hosted an after-school Fun Technology event for the Lower School Students. The Fun Technology event was a learn-by-doing environment where the goal was to not only introduce the students to fundamental computer science but also to spark the students to be creative, to experiment, and to collaborate with each other.

At the event, the students used Minecraft: Education Edition and graphic coding tools to create mods and to participate in team challenge games. As an added bonus, the Tech Club brought out its Virtual Reality system and let each student experience Minecraft bigger than life.

About the CCS Upper School Tech Club:

The Tech Club’s purpose is to bring together CCS Upper School students who share a passion for technology regardless of one’s skill and experience. The club’s objectives include: the adoption of technology in the teaching and learning environment to advantage all CCS students and faculty; development and demonstration of knowledge and skills in advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality, Game Software, Artificial Intelligence; have fun in all that we do.