I’m a night owl, so I work best at late hours, yet it’s after midnight and I’m still procrastinating writing this blog. Putting off our obligations is a common form of self-sabotage, but per a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, self-sabotage is actually hard work in itself. The article’s main point is that we tend to self-sabotage when we’re at our sharpest. It’s a counterintuitive discovery, since our peak performance hours would seem to be when we’re most likely to hunker down and focus on the task at hand. But according to a study out of Indiana University, the most likely time to engage in self-handicapping behaviors such as staying up late before an important event or interview is when we’re at the top of our game — specifically, when we’re burning the midnight oil (if you’re a night owl) or rising early (if you’re a morning person). So, people are more likely to shortchange themselves during stressful tasks when they are most alert. This is especially true when it comes to the task of giving. Most of us tend to put off making that gift as long as we can and it’s a totally understandable natural human trait. There are many reasons why we do so. Some of the ones I hear most often are listed below along with my reply.

  1. It’s all ours, why should we give? Everything we own is God’s.
  2. We give elsewhere. If most of us gave as much to CCS as we do to other secular causes, there would be no need to write this blog.
  3. We give to our church. You should be and we strongly encourage you to. We also know that in a Kingdom Education model the school will continue to partner with the church and your home to grow your children spiritually. Investing in CCS, is another avenue of Kingdom Advancement.
  4. We already give enough through tuition and fees. Giving makes up the difference between what CCS collects in tuition and fees and the actual cost of educating a student. It also keeps tuition increases to a minimum.
  5. Our gift doesn’t really count. All gifts count no matter what the size.
  6. Someone else will give. Don’t believe that other people will give to support the cause of Christ at CCS. God releases his resources through all of us.
  7. We only give to projects we like. You can restrict your gift to a specific area such as Athletics, Fine Arts, academic department or program.
  8. We’ll give when we can afford it. If we wait, we will probably never give. In fact, research shows that the more money a person makes, the less likely they are to give.
  9. We’re afraid to give. Step out in faith knowing that God promises to meet our needs.
  10. CCS is always asking for money. We only ask a few times per year. The CCS Fund along with Athletics and Fine Arts are the only entities allowed to ask for funds unless special permission is granted to others on a case by case basis. Our goal is to limit the number of times you are asked to give in any given year.

Don’t procrastinate your gift to CCS any longer. In fact, you can make your tax-deductible gift right now at //ccslancers.com/support-ccs/. Thank you for your support.