Lower School

Early Childhood Development for 3 months-Kindergarten

Children gather and store more “real life” knowledge from birth through 5 years old than any other time in their lives. Early learners are beginning to develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually and need the guiding hands of loving teachers and parents, lots of manipulatives and hands-on learning. Many of the giants of early learning, such as Steiner and Piaget, are proponents of this developmental approach.

At CCS, Early Childhood Education is vital to a child’s development. When our students have this type of positive experience, it fosters a positive attitude about themselves, as a learner, and towards school. A child that likes school and learning will acquire an appetite for knowledge. Cambridge takes each child who enters our Early Childhood Department as an individual and moves them forward. We care about each and every child!



Little Lambs Program – ages 3 months through 2 years

  • Hillsborough County Certified Learning Center
  • Clean and updated facilities
  • Loving and caring learning environment provided by fully certified and trained teachers
  • Curriculum includes art, music, manipulatives, mathematical concepts, literature and language development
  • Program incorporates social, emotional, spiritual and physical development milestones and standards
  • Engaged and interactive learning through play, with an emphasis on cooperation and the development of listening skills as they begin to follow directions

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten 

  • Certified teachers that know and appreciate the skills of each of the ages and stages of their students
  • Curriculum includes Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
  • Thematic and engaging instruction through hands-on experiences, emphasis on exploration and development of logical structure of concrete operations for reading and math
  • Circle time, language development through literature, work on letter recognition and sounds, work on correspondence between the written and spoken word, develop pre-handwriting and handwriting skills, begin rote counting, number recognition and one to one correspondence
  • Weekly Chapel service and end of the year program
  • Weekly instruction in Spanish, Library Science, Music, and PE. Pre-K also has Technology instruction
  • Special Events such as Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Live Nativity, Easter Egg Hunt, and CCS Family Picnic



  • Certified teachers committed to providing a high level of instruction
  • Curriculum includes Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
  • Formal math program provides recognition of patterns, beginning addition and subtraction and counting by two’s and ten’s
  • Formal reading program that includes phonics, beginning reading and reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and handwriting
  • Weekly Chapel service and end of the year program
  • Weekly instruction in Spanish, Library Science, Music, Technology, and PE
  • Special Events such as Alphabet Festival, Thanksgiving and Christmas Festivities, Easter Egg Hunt, and CCS Family Picnic
  • Field trips are planned to enhance learning
  • Exposure to many rich activities with an emphasis on discovery and building higher level thinking skills

In Early Childhood Education, students are encouraged to reflect on what they have learned and relate how they can use their new information. They need to use it to own it!

Lower School for Grades 1-6

Cambridge Christian Lower School offers students a balance of traditional and innovative educational opportunities, all within the context of a Biblical worldview.  Students are instructed in a classroom setting through a variety of teaching modalities and techniques.  It is our vision to address the individual needs of our students and to maintain an active learning environment.  Our desire is to create a legacy of lifelong learners with not only a love of learning academics, but for a love of our Savior. Partnering with parents to develop this firm foundation of a Christ-centered worldview is vital. Every effort is made to develop relationships with the students and to develop the God-given talents and abilities He has bestowed upon our students.

Students in the Lower School are expected to establish a foundation not only of knowledge, but also of study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout their time at Cambridge Christian School and beyond.  While the Lower School curriculum is academically rigorous and designed to meet the needs of a college preparatory environment, we understand the importance having a well-rounded child.  Artistic and athletic involvement is encouraged, not solely academics.

Our Lower School elementary program provides a strong foundation in the disciplines of Bible, math, reading, writing, grammar, social studies and science.  Students also receive specialized weekly instruction in the areas of Art, Spanish, Music, Library, PE and Technology.



Lower School Chapels

Lower School Chapels serve to bring students to Christ and disciple those who have already received.  Students participate in a dynamic worship experience through singing praise songs and hearing Bible-based messages from local youth pastors and staff.  Lower School Chapels for grades 1-6 are held every Wednesday morning in our Sanctuary.  Parents are always encouraged to attend and worship with their child!

Extra Curricular Activities

Students in grades 4-6 can participate in our Morning Show, a  daily news and weather program that is live-streamed to all the Lower School classrooms.  Parents are also able to view this show online.  Students in grades 4-6 can also be members of our Safety Patrol team and participate in our Elementary and Middle School Bands.


Sixth graders have the opportunity to represent CCS in almost every sport in which the Middle School and High School participate.  Opportunities such as being a part of Lancer football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and more are offered to sixth graders.  Fifth grade boys have the chance to play football in the Spring.

After School Clubs

Lower School offers a variety of academic and athletic after school activities for your child.  Cooking Club, Karate, Chess, Dance, Spelling, Robotix and Intramural sports (basketball/volleyball/soccer/flag football) are offered at various times during the school year.  Clubs vary by semester and grade level.


Technology is utilized extensively in the Lower School.  Each classroom at Cambridge Christian Lower School is equipped with a large screen Apple TV along with an IPad and Surface laptop for each teacher.  We also have IPads available for the primary grades and laptops for the intermediate grades.  A Computer Lab is available for student use as well as for our Technology instruction classes.  Our Media Center also has multiple laptops and tables available for research.  We have a fully functioning Science Lab that students attend weekly. Students have weekly technology instruction in our Computer Lab where they can learn various skills from keyboarding to media presentation software to coding!

Think Tank/Enrichment

Lower School offers, for students who qualify, two quality programs (Think Tank and Enrichment)  designed to challenge and prepare students with high level thinking who enjoy thinking out of the box.  Our Think Tank program for grades 2-6 is based on developing the areas of Analytical Thinking, Cooperative Learning, Technology and Strategies (A.C.T.S.) Units are developed to include project-based activities where students apply A.C.T.S. to create and/or build a model or design.  This program allows students to gain authentic experiences in Bible, math, language, reading, writing, science, history and art to develop their potential as divergent thinkers.  Our Enrichment program consists of two areas: Language Arts and Math.  Language Arts Enrichment students study literature and poetry, developing communication and writing skills through a variety of cooperative, interactive techniques. The students will also create a published work.  In Math Enrichment, students will develop critical thinking using word problems, computation skills using competitive timed-tests and activities, and graphing of results through a variety of cooperative, interactive techniques. The work will correspond with the concept taught by the classroom teacher. The emphasis will be on developing critical thinking and mastery of computational skills.

Curriculum Guides

Below are links to our grade level curriculum guides.

1st grade – 2nd grade – 3rd grade – 4th grade – 5th grade – 6th grade