As parents, we all have the greatest intentions when raising our children. We want them to be loving, successful, honest, independent and most importantly; we want them to love God with all their heart (3 John 1:4). As a mother of two children, I understand these intentions very well. As we seek the best for our children, how does a Kingdom Education effect the early years of a child’s life?

During the early years, a child’s worldview and spiritual foundation are developed and is a significant building block in helping a child discover how much God truly loves them (2 Timothy 3:14-15). I love how God gave children this amazing capacity to receive and understand spiritual truth at an early age! A young child’s faith is “imitative.” They copy what they see and hear parents and teachers do. Young children also use their imaginations to understand and relate to God. They remember the Bible stories and songs they hear at home, church or school and blend them into their daily life. This is the building of their spiritual foundation. Like a house that is built on a solid foundation, it can withstand floods and storms. A life built on a strong spiritual foundation based on God’s Word has eternal purpose on a child’s spiritual development.

At Cambridge, we realize the importance of this God-ordained role of partnering with parents in providing a Kingdom Education. We understand that one of the most important factors in developing a child’s worldview is the influence of their teachers. Our teachers provide Biblical teaching that is interwoven and modeled throughout our children’s day. We focus on the whole child; spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Most importantly, we delight in the opportunity to grow in God’s love together, while providing the components that help to build a strong spiritual and academic foundation. Kingdom Education prepares our children for life and it begins in the early years.

Spiritual Life

Our weekly chapels allow our Little Lancers to discover engaging worship and learn from interactive Bible lessons. Our very own Cambridge faculty, staff and students share God’s stories that are age appropriate and meaningful. Our worship time is led by Mrs. Sharon Jordan, our Lower School Music Teacher, and Mr. Wes Burnham provides technology support. Parents are always welcome to join us. It is a great way to start your Monday mornings!

After School Learning

We are happy to partner with The Whole Child Learning Company to provide three new afterschool club opportunities for our PK3-Kindergarten students.  GiggleBytes and Lego Engineering engages students in learning important STEM concepts while Yo Yo Yoga increases students’ strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Ms. Nicole and Ms. Lisa do an amazing job with our students!

“The greatest gift we can give our children is the gift of teachers, both at home and at school, who teach from a biblical worldview.” – Glen Schultz!

About Cambridge Christian School

Cambridge Christian is a college preparatory, Christian outreach school serving students from three months through twelfth grade.  The Kingdom Education model followed by CCS teaches through the lens of a Biblical worldview, partnering with parents and the local church in the education of their children. A partnership with CCS provides students with a strong foundation for life and college from a nationally accredited school committed to educating the whole child.