Dear Lancer Family,

Many of us now know someone with COVID-19. Some have lost loved ones. We continue to pray that God will wipe out this plague that has been devastating on multiple levels. While President Trump’s recent announcement of phasing back to open status seems to provide some light at the end of the tunnel, and we all want to return to normal as soon as possible, the components to this current way of life reap assorted outcomes, not all of which are bad:

  • More time with immediate family = enriched relationships and memories built
  • No time with extended family, friends and colleagues = isolation and loneliness
  • More time to read = spiritual, personal, and professional growth
  • More screen time = unhealthy waistline and bloodshot eyes
  • More time to work out (when actually utilized) = improved physical health
  • Same amount of sleep (thinker won’t stop and internal alarm clock) = neutral

I fully acknowledge that the list above reflects the experience of a parent with no young children remaining in the house, and I realize that simply reading the phrase “more time” might have angered some that do. ? I think the only place I am finding time is during what would otherwise have been slated for traffic in the daily commute. That is one part of normal that I don’t miss. What if we were able to incorporate the discovered treasures during the pandemic into our daily routines when we return to normal? Many question whether there will ever be a normal as we knew it. Perhaps we should commit now that there will not – that we will prioritize time with God and time with people even after the other demands return.

Understanding that a growing number of our Lancer families are being impacted, if not personally, then financially, by COVID-19, we are exploring ways to ease the burden. This week our Board approved our proposals to:

  • Extend the annual and semester tuition payment due date by one month to June 1st.
  • Increase the Tuition Discount Program for 2020/2021 school year, moving the full pay annual amount from 3% to 5% and the semester plan from 1% to 3%. This change will be applied to returning families and those new families paying by June 1st.
  • Waive the parental service hours requirement for this semester. You will not see the service hours charge on your account for this semester, nor will it be necessary to complete and turn in a service hours form to the Business Office. Realistically, many of you have more than fulfilled your obligation in this remote learning format.

We continue to look for ways to keep our Lancer family together during a time of so much separation. It has been inspiring to hear from so many of you that desire to help others. Our mission is unchanged. Let’s continue to row this boat together!

For His Kingdom,

Shawn Minks, M. Ed.

Shawn Minks  | Head of School  | Cambridge Christian School

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